When things go wrong in life that cost you financially, physically or mentally you could be due compensation. Whether minor, major, deliberate or by accident if it was not your fault compensation may be possible. There are hundreds of valid reasons to pursue compensation and whilst the majority of people in the UK do not like to complain sometimes you must.

Do you remember when the banks charged people across the UK 44 billion pounds for 64 million mis sold payment protection policies? 12 million people in the UK received compensation they were rightfully owed for being wrongfully charged. This is surprisingly a fraction of the number that should have been compensated.

Some examples of things you may be due compensation for include; Crime, discrimination, medical negligence delayed flights or trains, hidden commission charges on financial products, mis sold mortgages, housing in disrepair, professional negligence, accidents, defective products, bad service, data protection issue, general mis selling… the list goes on.

Our aim is to help people with valid issues understand what and how they can obtain compensation. We explore some of these areas below and outline certain companies and websites that could possibly help you.

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Medical Negligence Experts